Developer Podcasts

I've found podcasts a good way to spend your time when you're stuck in traffic - here's a list of my favourite developer podcasts in alphabetical order :

  1. .NET Rocks - still one of the best podcasts out there.  The banter is fun to listen too, and they have a wide variety of guests and topics on .NET.  Also presents a large (but fun) challenge in catching up on previous episodes with more than 400 episodes recorded.
  2. 43 Folders - a productivity podcast, recommended.
  3. Alt.NET Podcast - infrequent releases, but some interesting topics.
  4. Deep Fried Bytes - good topics and friendly banter in a Southern flavour.
  5. Elegant Code - good topics, nice variety of guests.
  6. Hanselminutes - possibly my top podcast.  Scott Hanselman provides a technical (and sometime hilarious) view on a variety of developer topics.
  7. Get Scripting - useful if you're into PowerShell scripting.  The audio quality is not that great though.
  8. Herding Code -  falls into the same class as Deep Fried Bytes and Elegant Code.
  9. Linux Outlaws - News cast for everything Linux.
  10. On Open Source - variety of topics on different platforms/languages, infrequent releases in audio format.
  11. Polymorphic Podcast - infrequent releases, but some good content in most of the episodes.
  12. Pragmatic Podcast - I love the format of the Pragmatic Podcast - it plays like a news reel.
  13. Rookie Designer - originally downloaded it for my wife, but now I'm listening to it.  All about the life of a designer (web / graphics).
  14. Ruby On Rails Podcast - ruby on rails.
  15. Software Engineering Podcast - more formal discussions on computer science topics.   The accent takes some getting used to, but the content is worthwhile.
  16. Sparkling Client - short and sweet Silverlight podcasts.
  17. The ASP.NET Podcast - short podcasts on ASP.NET and web development in general - sound quality gets in the way sometimes.
  18. The Java Posse - newscast on everything Java.
  19. The Startup Success Podcast - podcast on what it takes to build an IT startup - highly recommended.
  20. The Thirsty Developer - wide variety of topics, good content.

And the winners are...

If you are a .NET developer starting out with podcasts try these first:

Also see this Stack Overflow question and Scott Hanselman's post for other lists of podcasts.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash