Time is of the essence (or so it seems)

There's been some long gaps between blog entries due to the amount of time I can afford to write.

What am I up to these days?

  • Still working my full time day job as a systems developer (I actually think it qualifies as a day-night job).
  • Writing (and fixing) articles for CodeProject.
  • Doing lots and lots of R&D (new frameworks, applications, technologies are emerging at an incredible rate these days). I blame this one on Microsoft with their pre-release software.
  • Spending lots of time on my studies (B.Sc. Hon in Information Systems). Didn't think it would take up this much time when I started it, but I'm almost there...
  • Working on the next big thing, which will hopefully provide an extra revenue stream.
  • Spending time with the family ;)
  • Trying to get some actual sleep.

I'm taking a break soon to spent all my time on a beach for a couple of days. Live Writer is coming with, I'll post a pic of South Africa's beautiful coastline.

Photo by rawpixel.com on Unsplash