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A week ago, I wrote : Sigh, I can't seem to make up my mind about the platform to host my blog on. You can find my new blog over at www… »

Moving to Git

Git , the distributed source control system is fast becoming the de facto standard, at least in the open source arena. Although it comes… »

How Small is Small Enough

As developers, we are very good at breaking up components into sub-components - sometimes exceedingly so. When confronted with a larger… »

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The Humble Story Point

I've had some interesting discussions lately on the management of work through user stories. A lot of teams, especially those just starting… »

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Complexity in Software

In a discussion with a former colleague of mine on the organization of components and on system boundaries, we focused on the complexity… »

Greener pastures

This post is more than two months late, but I've been at DStv Online since November 2011. Intervate has been incredibly good to me, and… »

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Blog moved

In preparation for my recurring new years resolution of updating this blog, I've followed the advice of Simon Cropp and moved my old blog… »

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